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Act-On Software Advantages and Disadvantages

In our ongoing research and review for marketing software, we found a good write-up for the Act-On Software strengths and weaknesses. Despite being experienced with email marketing, we're new to marketing automation software, social marketing and all the other marketing software catch phrases so this was really helpful in getting to the most salient points ASAP. We've now compared Pardot to Eloqua, Marketo, Manticore and Act-On Software. We'll be presenting our marketing automation software recommendation at the next board meeting. Wish us look.

Stop Blaming Young Women for Being Mothers

They make it sound like having a baby and your life is over. I had to leave; my principal or superintendent told me, “you can’t stay here while you are pregnant. You have to go to another school, because [the] pregnant school is required for pregnant people. The above comments are from young Latinas who [...]

The Power of Public Policy

Each year, the Women’s Foundation of California trains up to 30 women on how to impact change in California through public policy. Our Women’s Policy Institute fellows learn how to write a bill, influence legislators and organize community support to pass proposed legislation. Since 2003, we have trained more than 150 women on California’s legislative [...]

Women Who Inspire Me

By Development and Communications Officer Kim Kenny When asked “who inspires you?” I began ticking through a list of women: Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt and Madonna came to mind (yes Madonna!). Then I thought of my mom. My mother is a true inspiration. She wanted to go to college but her immigrant father said that [...]

Why Should Nonprofits Care About Tax Policy and Reform?

By guest blogger Kim Klein, Building Movement Project “Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.” Franklin D. Roosevelt I teach nonprofits how to raise money, and every day I get calls from various kinds of good causes needing more funding.  In the last ten years, [...]

Making a Difference through Public Policy

“When you give a woman voice, and you give her the knowledge of her own power and [the knowledge] that she has control over her own life, her children’s lives, and in her community . . . that’s giving somebody freedom.” ~Kim Carter, Women’s Policy Institute fellow, ED of Time for Change Foundation Ten years [...]

Our Genes Belong to Us. For Now.

By Barbara A. Brenner, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action How can anyone own our genes? Up until now, no court has been asked that question. But last week, in a ground breaking decision, a federal judge in New York declared that Myriad Genetics’ patents on the breast cancer genes are invalid because they cannot patent [...]

Being a Woman is No Longer a “Pre-Existing Condition”

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer for the Women’s Foundation of California. When I first heard that the health care reform bill would make it so that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition, I almost laughed.  After all, this was 2010 and certainly insurance companies weren’t so devious as to limit [...]

Maria No Solo Trabaja: Maria, More Than a Worker

By guest blogger Rebecca Bauen, associate director at Somos Mayfair. A few years ago, while meeting with a donor interested in women’s economic security, she confided that she had never thought of her house cleaner as a leader. I stopped and took a deep breath.  I then wrote her words on a piece of paper and [...]


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