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Ending Domestic Violence

Since we began in 1979, the Women’s Foundation of California has been deeply committed to the health, safety, economic security and leadership of women and girls. That’s why we were an early supporter of organizations that worked in the domestic violence movement. As these organizations grew in strength and influence, we were pleased to see [...]

The Nuts and Bolts of Nonprofit Lobbying

The Women’s Policy Institute of the Women’s Foundation of California trains women advocates on how to lobby while actively lobbying. This hands-on training has been crucial to graduating 185 fellows from our program and out into their communities. While it’s not often easy to measure the success of advocacy work, thanks to the National Committee [...]

Less Toxic Manicures for Healthy Beauty

Wondering where to go for your next manicure? The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (a Women’s Foundation of California grant partner) can help you find a salon that will make your nails pretty, without jeopardizing the health of nail salon employees. This past Tuesday, those lucky enough to stop by San Francisco’s International College of [...]

Bringing Fresh Produce to Los Angeles Communities

Plump avocados, rosy strawberries, spiny artichokes and flowery broccoli; California is synonymous with its incredibly rich bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But it turns out that not everyone has access to the bounty of our state – the bread and fruit basket for the country. Many communities in California do not have access to [...]

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Central Valley?

By Michelle Chandra, Communications Associate, Women’s Foundation of California All photos by Nader Khouri. As a long term resident of California, I would be the last to willingly admit any ignorance of my home state. Having grown up on the Central Coast, attended a UC (University of California school) and become a resident of the [...]

Why is Teenage Pregnancy Still on the Rise?

In an Op-Ed published on Alternet, Laura Rosbrow writes, “We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the pill recently and many have written about its power to reduce poverty” yet, “why have teenage pregnancies increased since 2005?” Laura references the work of Rocio Cordoba from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (a Women’s Foundation Grant Partner) in demonstrating [...]

US Social Forum: Advancing Grassroots Movement Building

By guest blogger Tammy Bang Luu, senior organizer with the Labor/Community Strategy Center What is the value of the US Social Forum? Does it have any real social impact? These are questions that I’ve heard since the US Social Forum began in 2007 in Atlanta, inspired by the World Social Forum, which has attracted thousands [...]

One Million More College Graduates by 2025

By Judy Patrick, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation of California It is simple common sense–education matters. This is a lesson I learned early in life from my parents, the first and only of their siblings to go to college. After my parents graduated in 1949 and as they were beginning the process of starting [...]

Measuring the Impact of Advocacy

By Hannah Hill, Program Associate, Women’s Foundation of California What is the rate of return for every dollar invested in advocacy work? You’ll never guess. Every dollar invested in advocacy work yields $91 in benefits according to a recent report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Research was focused on 15 community organizations engaged [...]


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