Now YOU Can Balance California’s Budget!

Have you ever watched California’s drawn-out budget process and thought to yourself, “I bet I could balance the budget?” Next 10, a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging and empowering Californians to improve the state’s future, presents the California Budget Challenge.

This easy-to-use interactive tool will walk you through the choices legislators face when balancing our budget. With each choice, you’ll learn about the issues—from corporate taxation to K–12 education—and see whether your decisions close or widen the state’s deficit. It’s also an opportunity for you to incorporate the insights gained from the Foundation’s work with the California Budget Project. This research describes how the governor’s proposed budget cuts will have a disproportionate impact on women.

Once you’ve completed the budget, you can send it to your legislators and let them know how you think it should be done!

And write us a comment if you tried it!

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