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View from the Center: Inclusive Values

By Helen MacKinnon Helen MacKinnon has been a supporter of the Women’s Foundation of California for eight years and she is the co-chair of the Los Angeles Donor Circle, which focuses on economic development and self sufficiency programs for women and girls. Helen is president of Technical Connections, a technology recruiting firm that is over 26 years old. [...]

What Are You Grateful For?

by Judy Patrick, President and CEO, Women’s Foundation of California Over the years, I have developed a daily practice of writing a gratitude list. In my work as the CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California, I have much to be grateful for and during this season of thanksgiving, my list becomes longer.  I find [...]

An Open Letter to Meg Whitman

By Joy Picus Dear Meg, Now that the elections are over, I hope you are looking for other ways to make a difference in this world.  I’d like to make a suggestion for positive ways in which you might use the vast sums that you have earned.  Look at what other billionaires have done with [...]

It’s Time to Turn Down the Volume on Elections that Polarize

by Judy Patrick, President and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California I’m a political junkie. I stayed up much too late on election night watching the returns and thinking about the impact of who’d won and who’d lost. By 3:00 am I was awake worrying about the impact of the national results. And yes, [...]

Kettleman City: Mothers Demanding a Healthy Future

By Ellen Sloan This is the third blog post by Board Member Ellen Sloan, who attended Sowing Change 2010, a funder’s tour of the Central Valley. We walk into the community room at Kettleman City Community Center and are greeted by the sight of a few soft-spoken women and a couple toddlers scampering about. Little [...]

Lifetime Television Celebrates Remarkable Women: Lateefah Simon

Our grant partners advance solutions related to economic prosperity, health, safety and leadership – from the fields of the Central Valley to the halls of the State Capitol. They do this through the strength of their strategies and their ability to work in partnership with others. They are dynamos like Lateefah Simon. She was just [...]

Lifetime Television Celebrates Remarkable Women: Kimi Lee

Working side by side with our grant partners, the Women’s Foundation of California provides funding, knowledge and networks to enact the change our grant partners see is needed in their communities. People like Kimi Lee, former executive director of the Garment Worker Center (GWC). A grant partner, the center is collectively run by garment workers [...]


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