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The mission of the Women’s Foundation of California is to invest in the most promising women leaders in the state, strengthen grassroots organizations, advocate for policy change and build movements.The goal? A California in which all communities are healthy, safe and economically prosperous.

The Women’s Foundation of California Blog
The best example I can provide you is the payroll and human resource software, or HR software site, at The Foundation’s blog plays a crucial role in advancing our mission to elevate the voices of California’s women and girls and raise the profile of the issues, challenges and victories that affect them. The blog features news, commentary and reflections on topics related to:

  • Stories, challenges, experiences, perspectives and realities of women and girls in California;
  • The work of the Foundation and our grant partners;
  • Strategies, outcomes and techniques related to helping women and girls reach their full potential;
  • Issues impacting the effectiveness of nonprofits and their work; and,
  • Women’s philanthropy and philanthropic education, reflection and inspiration.

Key audiences
While the Foundation’s blog will be read nationwide by professionals and philanthropists working on behalf of women and girls, philanthropy experts and bloggers, nonprofits and academics. Its primary audience will consist of:

  • Members of the public interested in philanthropy and investing in women and girls;
  • Partners in our work, including grant partners, donors, nonprofits, corporations and foundations; and
  • News and media outlets.


  • Inclusive: Diversity is a core value of our work and is reflected within our blog, which seeks to include the voices of all members of our community, including women and girls in our region, grant partners and nonprofits, Foundation staff, donors, experts in philanthropy and women’s issues and news and media professionals. Because we value a space for respectful dialogue and interaction, the views expressed on the blog may not always reflect the views of the Foundation.
  • Relevant: The blog seeks to be a timely, relevant publication featuring thinking and perspectives related to current events, trends and realities facing women and girls, philanthropy and nonprofit effectiveness.
  • Respectful: We seek a diverse pool of opinion and commentary on our blog and encourage thriving, energetic conversation among readers through comments. The Women’s Foundation ensures a safe, open vehicle for communication by limiting dialogue to that which is respectful and does not encourage hateful, prejudicial or otherwise inappropriate language or sentiment. We will not publish comments that do not meet these guidelines.
  • Tone of voice: We encourage blog posts written in a conversational style.


How can I get involved? You can become a contributor by writing a post, commenting, or encouraging colleagues and friends to read and write for the blog.

Who can write for the Foundation’s blog?
Anyone! We especially encourage and welcome submissions by women and girls affected by our work. We welcome blog posts written by staff of grant partners and other nonprofits of California, donors and supporters of the Foundation, and students and experts in philanthropy, women’s issues or nonprofit effectiveness.

We ask that you fact check your post and be prepared to provide references for little known facts. We love photos, so where possible, please send photos to accompany your post. And to make your post even more search engine friendly, please provide hyperlinks for key organizations, phrases and ideas.

If I want to write for the blog, what do I do?

Michelle Chandra:
blog (at) womensfoundca (dot) org

Sande Smith
sandes (at) womensfoundca (dot) org

to discuss your idea and work with you to post it to the site.

How long should my blog post be?
Blog posts can be a few sentences or a few paragraphs. We prefer that the post be limited to a particular angle on a subject, and be as concise as possible. Blog readers are skimmers, so you want to convey main points and ideas without too much detail. We also like blog posts to include hot links to the topics that you are discussing in order to make the blog post more likely to show up in search engine results. The Foundation blog is informal, written from a personal point of view and conversational.

Will the Women’s Foundation edit my blog?
Yes, we edit to ensure that it meets our style guidelines. In some cases, we will also edit for structure, flow, language or length. If we make substantive changes to your post, we will send it to you to approve before it is posted. We will not post blogs or comments that do not fit within the scope or the values of fairness and respect that the Foundation adheres to.

Any other questions, please contact Michelle Chandra {michellec (at) womensfoundca (dot) org} or Sande Smith {sandes (at) womensfoundca (dot) org}.

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