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Community Water Center: Clean Water One Grant at a Time

By guest blogger Ruwani Ekanayake “How do you learn about the problem and the power you have to bring about change?” This is a guiding principle of the Community Water Center (CWC), which is dedicated to education and advocacy around drinking water issues in California’s Central Valley. Susana De Anda and Laurel Firestone, the co-founders [...]

Rosenberg Foundation presents Justice in California

Our colleagues at the Rosenberg Foundation recently published a series of thought-provoking essays by some of California’s leading visionary activists and thinkers. We’re so pleased and honored that our long-time friend and colleague Hugo Morales selected our 2010 Sowing Change tour as the topic of his essay. Dolores Huerta, another long-time friend, has written a [...]

Video Blog: In Honor of Cesar Chavez – Three Videos Featuring the Central Valley

In honor of Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW), we’re pleased to present three short videos featuring women leaders in the Central Valley. Filmed during our 2010 Sowing Change tour, these videos bring to life the challenges facing Central Valley residents, as well as their ideas for making change. Dolores Huerta, who [...]

Collaborating to Create a Healthier Central Valley

By Alba Mercado, Program Assistant, Women’s Foundation of California In the small unincorporated community of Lost Hills in California’s Central Valley, residents lack sidewalks, bus stops, libraries, clean water, sports fields and even a high school. The rate of unemployment is a high 23%, and only 13 percent of residents have a high school diploma. [...]

Training the Next Generation of Women Advocates

Each year, 15 young women graduate from the Female Leadership Academy (FLA) program of ACT for Women and Girls in Visalia, which started in 2003 during a Women’s Foundation of California event. The Female Leadership Academy (FLA) brings together a diverse group of young women activists who are leading efforts to improve their communities. Participants [...]

How the Central Valley Tour Changed My Life

By Ellen Sloan It has been over a month now since I returned from the Women’s Foundation of California tour of California’s Central Valley, Sowing Change 2010. As a result of having my consciousness expanded to include the world I saw 100 miles from my home in LA, I am much more aware of what [...]

Kettleman City: Mothers Demanding a Healthy Future

By Ellen Sloan This is the third blog post by Board Member Ellen Sloan, who attended Sowing Change 2010, a funder’s tour of the Central Valley. We walk into the community room at Kettleman City Community Center and are greeted by the sight of a few soft-spoken women and a couple toddlers scampering about. Little [...]

Community Change in the Central Valley – Pixley, CA

By Ellen Sloan This is the second blog post by Board Member Ellen Sloan, who attended Sowing Change 2010, a funder’s tour of the Central Valley. In the Central Valley between Bakersfield and Fresno, the small unincorporated town of Pixley is building a community that works. This town of 2,900 is dealing with pesticide drift, [...]

Clean Water – A Privilege Or A Right?

By Ellen Sloan, Board Member of the Women’s Foundation of California Water is a huge issue in the Central Valley.  You don’t have to go to India or Africa to find families drinking unsafe water.  It is right here in California, 100 miles from my home. Our water education came from the folks from Community [...]

Environmental Toxins in the Central Valley

By Surina Khan, vice president of programs, the Women’s Foundation of California Rosenda Mataka remembers a time when pesticides were used less frequently. Now in the small California Central Valley town of Westley where Rosenda lives and works as a community activist, planes regularly fly overhead spraying pesticides on blossoming almond orchards that surround this [...]


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