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Kettleman City: Mothers Demanding a Healthy Future

By Ellen Sloan This is the third blog post by Board Member Ellen Sloan, who attended Sowing Change 2010, a funder’s tour of the Central Valley. We walk into the community room at Kettleman City Community Center and are greeted by the sight of a few soft-spoken women and a couple toddlers scampering about. Little [...]

Clean Water – A Privilege Or A Right?

By Ellen Sloan, Board Member of the Women’s Foundation of California Water is a huge issue in the Central Valley.  You don’t have to go to India or Africa to find families drinking unsafe water.  It is right here in California, 100 miles from my home. Our water education came from the folks from Community [...]

Environmental Toxins in the Central Valley

By Surina Khan, vice president of programs, the Women’s Foundation of California Rosenda Mataka remembers a time when pesticides were used less frequently. Now in the small California Central Valley town of Westley where Rosenda lives and works as a community activist, planes regularly fly overhead spraying pesticides on blossoming almond orchards that surround this [...]

Organizing for Clean Water in the Central Valley

The Women’s Foundation of California has long been concerned about the quality of water in our state. Hundreds of thousands of people in the San Joaquin Valley are served water contaminated by bacteria, nitrates, arsenic and disinfectant byproducts. The causes of the contaminants are various, ranging from byproducts of dairy farms to heavy use of [...]

Photoblog: Women Sowing Change in the Central Valley

“25 Stories of the Central Valley” is a compelling, interactive online exhibit –  “a window into the little-known lives of people who are making the Central Valley safer for everyone.” Through photos, oral interviews, and theater, UC Santa Cruz graduate student Tracy Perkins has created a public arts project that showcases the shocking, sad and [...]

Eveline Shen Honored by Women’s eNews

Congratulations to Eveline Shen, executive director of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, a Women’s Foundation of California grant partner. Chosen as one of Women’s eNews’ 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, Eveline will be honored on Thursday, May 6. Under Eveline’s savvy leadership, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ) is linking climate change and toxic [...]

The Power of Public Policy

Each year, the Women’s Foundation of California trains up to 30 women on how to impact change in California through public policy. Our Women’s Policy Institute fellows learn how to write a bill, influence legislators and organize community support to pass proposed legislation. Since 2003, we have trained more than 150 women on California’s legislative [...]

Toxic Toes

By guest blogger Rebecca Bauen, associate director at Somos Mayfair. Before our weekly staff meeting at Somos Mayfair begins, I look around the room at my mostly female colleagues.  With more than 300 days of sunshine per year in San Jose, I’m not surprised to see that the sandals are out and all the toes [...]

Don’t Become a Feminist

By Surina Khan, Vice President of Programs for the Women’s Foundation of California. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 46. It was the beginning of 1982 and I was in my first year of high school at an all-girls boarding school in Connecticut. My mother was prone to the dramatic. That [...]


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