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It’s Time to Raise the Cost of Human Trafficking

By Daphne Phung, Executive Director & Founder of California Against Slavery This June, I went on a police undercover sting that targeted sex trafficking of girls in Oakland. What I saw was surreal. Young girls waiting at every street corner along the “track” to hop into cars with adult men, some old enough to be their grandfathers. [...]

From Victims to Leaders: the Groundbreaking Work of Banteay Srei

By Ruwani Ekanayake, Research Intern, Women’s Foundation of California When you hear the phrase “sexually exploited minor” (SEM), what comes to your mind? International human trafficking? Helpless victims? Those aren’t the views of the women of Banteay Srei. Founder Elizabeth Sy explains: “Please don’t approach every young woman that we work with as this horrified, [...]

Help End Sex Trafficking of Young Women and Girls – Support HR 5575

By Maya Thornell-Sandifor, Senior Program Officer, Women’s Foundation of California A couple of weeks ago I turned on CNN to watch an investigative show about domestic sex trafficking. A portion of the program showed a sting operation in Oakland, California in which undercover detectives used a popular online site to catch pimps selling underaged girls [...]


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