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Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Dr. Kathy Maglioto Featured in New Speaking Series

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant “I decided to be an actress and moved to Hollywood.  When I got there, an agent told me I would have greater success if I took my Stanford MBA off my resume and lied about my age,” Jennifer Siebel Newsom told the audience at the Women’s Foundation of California’s premiere [...]

Battling the Princess: Motherhood and Girly-Girl Culture

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a little girl.  I have great memories of my childhood—riding my bike, getting scuffed and dirty playing soccer, and climbing trees, much to the chagrin of my mother, who inevitably had to clean sap out of my clothes.  [...]

Where Do Women Have the Most Economic Opportunities?

One of our colleagues shared this clever, informative presentation created by JESS3 and The Economist. In just six minutes, you’ll learn highlights of The Economist’s recent 150-page report on women’s economic opportunity around the world. You’ll see which countries are doing the most to empower women by advancing policies and programs that create more productive, [...]

Is it Passion or is it Abuse on Jersey Shore?

By Cathy Schreiber,Vice President of Development & Finance, Women’s Foundation of California I caught the most recent episode of Jersey Shore (MTV) the other night. Putting aside for a moment the fact that I watch Jersey Shore (what can I say? I love Snookie), this third season continues to offer an opportunity to talk about [...]

The Hero and the Crown

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer, Women’s Foundation of California During my childhood in a small farming community in Illinois, I often felt like a visitor from another planet. I was so different from classmates that I might as well have been an actual alien. As an Indian girl, so much about me was [...]

Female Characters We Admired Growing Up

In an entertainment world where male characters are often shown to be the ones who are brave and powerful  (as research conducted by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media shows), we at the Women’s Foundation of California decided to ask ourselves, what female characters in books, television and film did we admire while [...]

Holga Photo Blog: Capturing Our Mothers’ Stories

“Growing up, hearing my mom’s stories, I never ever thought that we would have the same experience because we did not get along at all. But from hearing her stories, it made me realize how much we are alike in our life experiences, which makes me feel like I can relate to and understand her [...]

A Different Measure for Beauty

By guest blogger Emma Spencer, an 8th grade English teacher in Mountain View At the Sunday Streets event in San Francisco’s Mission District, a bright colored table staffed by two teen girls caught my eye.  Actually I think it might have been their t-shirts with pithy slogans that I noticed; these girls obviously had something [...]

Shattering Stereotypes Worldwide: Geena Davis Speaks to the UN about Children’s Programming

By Sande Smith, Director of Communications, Women’s Foundation of California At our 30th anniversary celebration in November, Academy Award winner Geena Davis shared feedback from fans moved by her portrayals of powerful women who defy stereotypes. Now 18 years since the release of A League of Their Own and teenage girls still approach Geena inspired [...]

Grown Up “Mean Girls”

By Cathy Schreiber, Vice President of Development and Finance at the Women’s Foundation of California Maternity leave has granted me many wonderful things: precious, irreplaceable time with my new son, Julian; long walks rediscovering Golden Gate Park; humbling moments of wonder as we try to understand a new language of cries, grunts and giggles. And, [...]


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