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Pulling Families Back from the Edge

When will we realize that supporting women’s ability to work and excel is a key factor in lifting our state’s economy? Since 2007, child care and support for single mothers and low-income families have taken devastating blows as California struggles to balance its budget. Cutting childcare forces many women to choose between taking care of [...]

WPI Fellows Strive to End Shackling of Pregnant Women

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant Tamaya Garcia has been fighting for Assembly Bill 568 for two years with our grant partner the Center for Young Women’s Development. AB 568 would ensure that the least restrictive restraints possible are used on pregnant women who are in jail. In other words, it would end the use of belly chains, leg irons, ankle restraints [...]

Honoring Fathers and the Generosity of Strangers

By Cathy Schreiber, Vice President of Development and Finance, Women’s Foundation of California Being a parent is a unique and extraordinary experience, one that at its roots is about caring for another. Yet parents are not the only people who feel this impulse or take this conscious action. This Father’s Day, I honor all of [...]

Battling the Princess: Motherhood and Girly-Girl Culture

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a little girl.  I have great memories of my childhood—riding my bike, getting scuffed and dirty playing soccer, and climbing trees, much to the chagrin of my mother, who inevitably had to clean sap out of my clothes.  [...]

Parent Voices: Child Care Matters

“Before I joined Parent Voices three years ago, I never knew I had a voice or that my voice mattered. Today, I know better…Parent Voices has changed the person I used to be into the person I always wanted to be, strong, confident and fearless!” – Parent Voices member Parent Voices is a network of [...]

The Hero and the Crown

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer, Women’s Foundation of California During my childhood in a small farming community in Illinois, I often felt like a visitor from another planet. I was so different from classmates that I might as well have been an actual alien. As an Indian girl, so much about me was [...]

Child Care: A Key Building Block for Women’s Economic Security

“You can’t expect a family with young children to get on their feet and get jobs without child care.” – Patty Siegel, executive director, California Child Care Resource & Referral Network Join the Women’s Economic Security Campaign* (WESC) for their next webinar, which will share the findings of their most recent report: Child Care Matters: [...]

Take Action to End Shackling of Pregnant Inmates

AB 1900 is up for signature by the Governor, and would end the practice of restrictive shackling of pregnant inmates. Currently, nearly two-thirds of California’s county jails shackle pregnant women in ways that could cause miscarriage or other injuries. Bill AB 1900 seeks to stop this inhumane treatment of pregnant women. Tell Schwarzenegger to support [...]

Working Moms Challenge the Thinking Behind the Pay Gap

Disturbed by the results of a recent University of Chicago study on women’s earnings,  we asked our resident mothers to weigh in. The study analyzed the careers and earnings of women and MBA graduates and found when women and men graduate, their incomes are nearly identical. However, within 15 years, men’s incomes soar to 75% [...]

Why is Teenage Pregnancy Still on the Rise?

In an Op-Ed published on Alternet, Laura Rosbrow writes, “We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the pill recently and many have written about its power to reduce poverty” yet, “why have teenage pregnancies increased since 2005?” Laura references the work of Rocio Cordoba from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (a Women’s Foundation Grant Partner) in demonstrating [...]


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