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Sign Petition to Stop Four-point Shackling of Pregnant Women

While California already has legislation prohibiting the shackling of prisoners while giving birth, it does not forbid the shackling of pregnant women at many other times. Many California jails use the restrictive method of four-point shackling during transport, which involves chaining a pregnant woman around the belly, ankles and wrists. Movement is further restricted because the [...]

Real Family Values: Honoring Mothers Year Round

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer at the Women’s Foundation of California Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Cards were given, flowers were delivered, and cries of “Happy Mama Day!” peppered the day—making it impossible for me to forget that Sunday May 9th was the day that mothers are supposed to be recognized, [...]

Visiting Mothers in Prison at Central California Women’s Facility

By Anuja Mendiratta RGHR Fund Program Advisor The Women’s Foundation of California As part of my work with the Race,  Gender and Human Rights Fund of the Women’s Foundation of California, I co-organized a visit to the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, California. Last week’s visit provided a rare glimpse into the lives of [...]

Grown Up “Mean Girls”

By Cathy Schreiber, Vice President of Development and Finance at the Women’s Foundation of California Maternity leave has granted me many wonderful things: precious, irreplaceable time with my new son, Julian; long walks rediscovering Golden Gate Park; humbling moments of wonder as we try to understand a new language of cries, grunts and giggles. And, [...]

Stop Blaming Young Women for Being Mothers

They make it sound like having a baby and your life is over. I had to leave; my principal or superintendent told me, “you can’t stay here while you are pregnant. You have to go to another school, because [the] pregnant school is required for pregnant people. The above comments are from young Latinas who [...]


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