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Grant Partner Victory

Congratulations to Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice and our grant partners whose savvy coalition-building led to the removal of 60 anti-choice billboards targeting African American and Latina women. Grant partners involved included: Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, ACCESS, Black Women For Wellness, California Black Women’s Health Project, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Generations Ahead, and California [...]

Taking Down Billboards, Building Up Trust

By Karla Rodriguez, Program Officer, Women’s Foundation of California Every time I hold my baby girl in my arms, now six months old, I am overwhelmed with emotions as a new mother. I am amazed at my heart’s immense capacity to love so unconditionally. I feel deeply connected to all mothers who share this unbreakable [...]

Beauty Tips from the Non Profit World

By Sarah Miller, Intern, Women’s Foundation of California You might think that we Ivory soap lovers here at the Women’s Foundation of California don’t spend much time thinking about beauty products. I’m here to tell you that it’s so not true. We really care about nail polish. No, I’m not talking about the newest shade [...]

From Idea to Influencer: the story of ACT for Women and Girls

By Ruwani Ekanayake, Research Intern, Women’s Foundation of California Like a lot of bright ideas,  ACT for Women and Girls (ACT) began with a group of women sitting around a living room debating and conversing. Since that 2003 listening circle, ACT has become one of Tulare County’s most influential reproductive health and youth empowerment organizations. [...]

Training the Next Generation of Women Advocates

Each year, 15 young women graduate from the Female Leadership Academy (FLA) program of ACT for Women and Girls in Visalia, which started in 2003 during a Women’s Foundation of California event. The Female Leadership Academy (FLA) brings together a diverse group of young women activists who are leading efforts to improve their communities. Participants [...]

Do Women Need a Sex Pill?

by Sande Smith, Director of Communications, Women’s Foundation of California Yesterday, Jennifer Terry published an op-ed in CNN called Do Women Need a Sex Pill? that pops a perennial question. . . what do women want? The impetus for the question? The FDA has been holding hearings on whether or not to approve a new [...]

Real Family Values: Honoring Mothers Year Round

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer at the Women’s Foundation of California Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Cards were given, flowers were delivered, and cries of “Happy Mama Day!” peppered the day—making it impossible for me to forget that Sunday May 9th was the day that mothers are supposed to be recognized, [...]

What do we mean by reproductive justice?

By Shailushi Ritchie, Development and Communications Officer for the Women’s Foundation of California. Last week, I went to a Board of Directors meeting for ACCESS, a small grassroots organization that focuses on reproductive justice.  I’ve been on the board for almost 10 years and have seen it go through many changes—new staff and programs, policy [...]


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