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Pulling Families Back from the Edge

When will we realize that supporting women’s ability to work and excel is a key factor in lifting our state’s economy? Since 2007, child care and support for single mothers and low-income families have taken devastating blows as California struggles to balance its budget. Cutting childcare forces many women to choose between taking care of [...]

Amazing Women, Inspiring Stories

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant In high school I traveled to Guatemala with Where There Be Dragons, a study abroad program . For six weeks we lived in a small village in the mountains where we were each assigned a homestay and a tutor. One day, my tutor told me that her ex-husband used to physically and emotionally abuse [...]

It’s Time to Raise the Cost of Human Trafficking

By Daphne Phung, Executive Director & Founder of California Against Slavery This June, I went on a police undercover sting that targeted sex trafficking of girls in Oakland. What I saw was surreal. Young girls waiting at every street corner along the “track” to hop into cars with adult men, some old enough to be their grandfathers. [...]

California Not Ready to Relocate Inmates from State Prisons to Counties

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant Kim Carter, Founder and Executive Director of our grant partner the Time for Change Foundation, is passionate about reducing recidivism and crime in California through supportive services and rehabilitation. She has been working with California state government for ten years: educating, informing and advocating about issues related to incarceration. Most recently, Ms. Carter has taken a [...]

Helping Women Today to Help Themselves Tomorrow

By Zaheva Knowles, Director of Communications and Government Affairs, Time for Change Foundation Dedicated to helping women, no matter their circumstances, to better their lives and their communities, Time for Change Foundation has launched the Center for Advocacy and Leadership Development. The Center’s curriculum draws upon the strength of the Foundation’s executive director, Kim Carter, [...]

Measuring the Impact of Advocacy

By Hannah Hill, Program Associate, Women’s Foundation of California What is the rate of return for every dollar invested in advocacy work? You’ll never guess. Every dollar invested in advocacy work yields $91 in benefits according to a recent report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Research was focused on 15 community organizations engaged [...]


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