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Aging Justice Team Scores Victory for Elders

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant We are thrilled that Governor Brown just signed SB 897 into law. The Women’s Policy Institute’s Aging Justice Team advocated tirelessly for this critical bill, sponsored by Mark Leno. The bill will require nursing homes and residential care facilities for the elderly to give notice of any possible foreclosures to residents [...]

How Do You Know If You Are In Menopause?

By guest blogger Celia Bernstein, Director of Development at the Westside Family Health Center Question: How do you know if you are in Menopause? Answer: You’ll just know. As in “you will just know” when you go into labor or when your daughter begins her adolescence. You’ll know it when you are in it and [...]

Rethinking Aging

By Alexis Marbach, Program Intern, Women’s Foundation of California I have a morning ritual. I usually start my day in a haze, hovered over our coffee maker, while I wait for the only thing I genuinely look forward to when I wake up. I stare out the window, wondering what to wear to work and [...]


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