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From Idea to Influencer: the story of ACT for Women and Girls

By Ruwani Ekanayake, Research Intern, Women’s Foundation of California Like a lot of bright ideas,  ACT for Women and Girls (ACT) began with a group of women sitting around a living room debating and conversing. Since that 2003 listening circle, ACT has become one of Tulare County’s most influential reproductive health and youth empowerment organizations. [...]

Say Uncle: The Poetry of Kay Ryan

By Michelle Chandra, Communications Associate, Women’s Foundation of California I was first introduced to the poetry of Kay Ryan during a contemporary poetry class at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Ryan is a Californian poet born in San Jose. She grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and now resides in Marin where [...]

In the News: Judy Patrick on State Prison Reform and Change

Judy Patrick, President and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California recently authored a Sacramento Bee op-ed on state prison reform and a Re: Philanthropy blog post on theories of change. Excerpts and links below! Comments welcome. Viewpoints: Put focus on women for state prison reform By Judy Patrick Sacramento Bee, April 9, 2011 How [...]

It’s Time to Turn Down the Volume on Elections that Polarize

by Judy Patrick, President and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California I’m a political junkie. I stayed up much too late on election night watching the returns and thinking about the impact of who’d won and who’d lost. By 3:00 am I was awake worrying about the impact of the national results. And yes, [...]

Women, We Need Your Vote

This past Tuesday, on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco, Judy Patrick, CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California joined other women leaders for a press conference on the importance of women voting on November 2nd. At the same time, women leaders in Sacramento and Los Angeles gathered to speak out. It took [...]

The Women’s Foundation of California Voter Guide

Election Day is November 2nd. Candidates are gearing up for the end of their campaigns, and absentee ballots are arriving in our mailboxes. You might be wondering how to vote! To make it easier for you to understand the issues, the Women’s Foundation of California analyzed the propositions from the perspective of women and girls [...]


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