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Kettleman City: Mothers Demanding a Healthy Future

By Ellen Sloan This is the third blog post by Board Member Ellen Sloan, who attended Sowing Change 2010, a funder’s tour of the Central Valley. We walk into the community room at Kettleman City Community Center and are greeted by the sight of a few soft-spoken women and a couple toddlers scampering about. Little [...]

Clean Water – A Privilege Or A Right?

By Ellen Sloan, Board Member of the Women’s Foundation of California Water is a huge issue in the Central Valley.  You don’t have to go to India or Africa to find families drinking unsafe water.  It is right here in California, 100 miles from my home. Our water education came from the folks from Community [...]

Environmental Toxins in the Central Valley

By Surina Khan, vice president of programs, the Women’s Foundation of California Rosenda Mataka remembers a time when pesticides were used less frequently. Now in the small California Central Valley town of Westley where Rosenda lives and works as a community activist, planes regularly fly overhead spraying pesticides on blossoming almond orchards that surround this [...]

Investing in Women’s Leadership in the Central Valley

This week, the Women’s Foundation of California will be leading a funders’ tour in California’s Central Valley: Sowing Change 2010. For two days, we will be meeting with dynamic women leaders in their communities, and learning about both the challenges and opportunities faced by residents of the Central Valley. Since 2001, we’ve invested more than [...]

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Central Valley?

By Michelle Chandra, Communications Associate, Women’s Foundation of California All photos by Nader Khouri. As a long term resident of California, I would be the last to willingly admit any ignorance of my home state. Having grown up on the Central Coast, attended a UC (University of California school) and become a resident of the [...]


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