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How Do Teens Make Sense of Sexual Harassment?

By Sarah Miller Educator, activist and artist Kesa Kivel wants to give girls ways to navigate gender issues by “owning” their beauty and power, understanding cultural influences, and seeing themselves as agents of change in our society. One of Kesa’s most well-known projects is the Girl House Art Project. For ten months beginning in September [...]

In Tough Times, California Can’t Afford to Fail Families

On August 12, Women’s Foundation of California President and CEO Judy Patrick testified before the California Commission on the Status of Women. Judy spoke on behalf of women and girls and addressed the devastating impact budget cuts have had on California’s women, girls and families and the importance of funding safety net programs and education. [...]

One Million More College Graduates by 2025

By Judy Patrick, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation of California It is simple common sense–education matters. This is a lesson I learned early in life from my parents, the first and only of their siblings to go to college. After my parents graduated in 1949 and as they were beginning the process of starting [...]


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