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WPI Fellows Strive to End Shackling of Pregnant Women

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant Tamaya Garcia has been fighting for Assembly Bill 568 for two years with our grant partner the Center for Young Women’s Development. AB 568 would ensure that the least restrictive restraints possible are used on pregnant women who are in jail. In other words, it would end the use of belly chains, leg irons, ankle restraints [...]

Take Action to End Shackling of Pregnant Inmates

AB 1900 is up for signature by the Governor, and would end the practice of restrictive shackling of pregnant inmates. Currently, nearly two-thirds of California’s county jails shackle pregnant women in ways that could cause miscarriage or other injuries. Bill AB 1900 seeks to stop this inhumane treatment of pregnant women. Tell Schwarzenegger to support [...]

Photoblog: Women Sowing Change in the Central Valley

“25 Stories of the Central Valley” is a compelling, interactive online exhibit –  “a window into the little-known lives of people who are making the Central Valley safer for everyone.” Through photos, oral interviews, and theater, UC Santa Cruz graduate student Tracy Perkins has created a public arts project that showcases the shocking, sad and [...]

Ending Domestic Violence

Since we began in 1979, the Women’s Foundation of California has been deeply committed to the health, safety, economic security and leadership of women and girls. That’s why we were an early supporter of organizations that worked in the domestic violence movement. As these organizations grew in strength and influence, we were pleased to see [...]

Rethinking Aging

By Alexis Marbach, Program Intern, Women’s Foundation of California I have a morning ritual. I usually start my day in a haze, hovered over our coffee maker, while I wait for the only thing I genuinely look forward to when I wake up. I stare out the window, wondering what to wear to work and [...]


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