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How Do You Know If You Are In Menopause?

By guest blogger Celia Bernstein, Director of Development at the Westside Family Health Center Question: How do you know if you are in Menopause? Answer: You’ll just know. As in “you will just know” when you go into labor or when your daughter begins her adolescence. You’ll know it when you are in it and [...]

Surina Joins Women’s Health Policy Council

We are very excited to announce that our Vice President of Programs Surina Khan was appointed to the Women’s Health Policy Council (WHPC) of Los Angeles County. While WHPC works directly with the Office of Women’s Health in Los Angeles (OWH) to improve health policies, programs and services offered to all women in Los Angeles, [...]

30 Million Women Will Benefit from Health Care Reform

We were excited when President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 this past March. But now we have even more reason to be excited! The National Women’s Law Center and the Commonwealth Fund have just released extensive research on the impact health care reform will have on the [...]


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