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Pulling Families Back from the Edge

When will we realize that supporting women’s ability to work and excel is a key factor in lifting our state’s economy? Since 2007, child care and support for single mothers and low-income families have taken devastating blows as California struggles to balance its budget. Cutting childcare forces many women to choose between taking care of [...]

Parent Voices: Child Care Matters

“Before I joined Parent Voices three years ago, I never knew I had a voice or that my voice mattered. Today, I know better…Parent Voices has changed the person I used to be into the person I always wanted to be, strong, confident and fearless!” – Parent Voices member Parent Voices is a network of [...]

Safeguarding Their Rights to Parent: Young Mothers in Prison

By Sande Smith, Director of Communications at the Women’s Foundation of California “Being that I work with young women everyday I would love to see our society and our communities really supporting young mothers so that they can be the best parents they can be, and so there won’t be so many young people in [...]


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